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  • Trauma Informed Art Therapy

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    Trauma Informed Art Therapy

     Trauma-informed art therapy incorporates the reconnection of sensory and declarative memories of trauma with supporting self-regulation, self-efficacy, positive attachment relationship with the therapist and supports reliance building for post traumatic growth.

    This will be achieved by not only connecting to the clients own internal resources that are already present, but also provide various creative and action-oriented approaches to self-regulation and stress reduction that allow for embodied experiences to reconnect with their inner self to help repair some of the body’s responses to trauma and connect to a sense of safety within the environment and their self.

    By helping to mend this connection with their internal sense of well being this can translate through group work with establishing trust with others through showing vulnerability and sharing of themselves in a safe and contained held environment.

    This will support the client to explore more creatively and integrate this experience of unconditional appreciation, guidance, and support mirroring what is found within a secure attachment relationship.

    This type of relationship is reparative and healing and ultimately supports their client’s own ability for healing and recovery.

    Trauma informed art therapy allows the client to feel a sense of growth and mastery that moves their self-perception from victim to survivor to “thriver” (Malchiodi, 2012).